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Singapore's leading hair salon with expert colors, unique styling and healthy hair. With the most creative and innovative international colorists and stylists, our team has a wealth of experience that exceeds the expectations of hair and beauty and will accompany you on a journey to one of Singapore's best hair salons. looking forward to it.

From Hera's international art team of experienced stylists, colorists and cosmetologists to the eclectic blend of luxury services and unmatched standards, we promise a unique experience in central Singapore. To do. Our respected and trusted reputation has been maintained since its opening in 2012.

We are a well-known heartland mall kovan hair salon who has been certified as an instructor for over 10 years, some of whom have their own curly hair, so the unique characteristics of curly hair and its best care Some people have a personal understanding of. In Hera, we have had countless people come to see us with flat, listless curly hair or thick, frizzy, unmanageable curls and we take huge pleasure in restoring the natural shape of their curls by controlling and organizing volume and movement when cutting the curls.

Finally we also help them to understand how to make their curls work best for them and the needs of each curl type are different. For example, wavy hair will often need encouragement for formation, while with tighter curls the focus should be elongation and organization. Whether you currently embrace your naturally curly locks or are thinking about letting your generally styled hair run wild, the revolution of Hera salon`s curly cut can make all the difference for the look of your hair

A curly hair specialist must take into account the elasticity of the curl, the shape of the curl, texture of the hair and follow the pattern of the curl. Curls require a specialized approach to enhance the pattern in which your specific type of hair curls. Carving and trimming methods remove the bulk and weight associated with curling and enhance the natural beauty of hair. If you've ever tried to grow curly hair, you're probably suffering from "triangular hair." This is when the top of the hair is squeezed by all the heavy curls and the whole body is at the bottom of the hair, forming a triangle. Don't sacrifice triangular hair anymore. A curly hair specialist will identify your curl pattern and accept natural curls by adjusting the cut to suit your hair growth and natural sitting. That's why we always offer clients a consultation first, what they have experienced before, how they want to show their hair, and what best suits their hair type. Decide if. There are different types of curly hair, and each type needs to be treated in a slightly different way. We always recommend our customers products that do not contain sulfates and silicones. Read more for more details

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